The National Railway Museum

A visit to the National Railway Museum in York.
Members Of The Club By The Mallard  Presenting our cheque in front of the Mallard. The Restaurant Area.  Time out for refuelling. Replica Of Stephenson's Rocket.  This is a part sectioned replica of Stephenson's Rocket which was built in 1935. The original Rocket was built in 1829 at Newcastle upon Tyne and reached a maximum speed of 28mph. It is housed in the Science Museum in London. The L N E R Mallard 4-6-2 A4 Pacific Class.No 4468 built in 1938.  Looking at the footplate of the Mallard.
Evening Star  The last steam locomotive built for British Railways. Named at Swindon on the 18th March 1960. The real 2-10-0 steam locomotive. The Evening Star.  The Evening Star on the turntable. How The Steam Is Generated  A cutaway locomotive showing the construction of the firebox and the boiller. Super heater tubes can be seen within the large boiller heating tubes. The Duchess of Hamilton 4-6-2 Coronation Class.  The Duchess of Hamilton 4-6-2  No. 6229 was built for LMS in 1938 and was one of the most powerful locomotives ever built.
Underneath a Steam Locomotive.  In the pit. Diesel Rail Car No 4. Great Western Railway 1934. Eurostar  Contemplating in the Eurostar section. Channel Tunnel  Some of the rolling stock used in the construction of the Channel Tunnel.
Model Railway  Every man's dream! A model railway. Railway Signs  Some railway signs and locomotive numbers. A Diesel Engine.  A diesel engine with the crank case cover removed. Relaxing For A Few Minutes.  Having a rest.
The Evening Star Tender Construction.  A cutaway section of the tender of the Evening Star showing where the water is stored. This tank was filled by lowering a scoop down between the rails to collect water from a water trough whilst travelling at high speed. An Arial View of Part of The Museum.  Looking down on the tender of the Duchess of Hamilton. Collectors Corner  An interesting section of the museum. The Maintenance Workshop Area.  Looking down into the workshop area we can see the Sir Nigel Gresley without its streamlining showing the boiller and firebox.
Loco No 13000  An LMS Hughes Crab locomotive built at Horwich in 1926.