The Diamond Builging

A visit to the Diamond building, Sheffield University
The Diamond Building  The very striking exterior of the Diamond building. Viewing a lecture theatre  The group looking into one of the lecture theatres. Pod view 2  A view of one of the pods showing two levels. The lower level is for quiet study whilst the upper level is open to the atrium. one of the pods  Another view of one of the pods.
Staircase 1  A spiral staircase. Staircase 2  Another view of the spiral staircase. The Ceiling  A view of the ceiling showing the method of lighting and the service track. looking down at the ground floor  Looking down onto the ground floor where students are working around the diffused lighting scource. The lighting scource provides light for the atrium and at the same time produces light for the basement. Two large pieces of glass cover the appertures to prevent articles falling through to the basement.
An engineering laboratory  A view of one of the engineering laboratories. One of the laboratories  A view of another engineering laboratory. Most of the photographs have been taken through glass which has resulted in some spurious reflections. Flight simulator  One of the members using a flight simulator. A flight simulator  Another view of a flight simulator.